Friday, December 27, 2019

Top 10 of 2019: Captivating Characters (Favorite Characters)

Top 10 of 2019 is hosted once again by Kimberly Faye Reads, and this year she has a co-host Ginger @greadsbooks.   The third topic, captivating characters, tripped me up at first because I started listing book boyfriends immediately, but I decided to save them for one of the later top 10s this week, favorite couples, although I may re-do that subject for myself as top book boyfriends.  We'll see.


As crazy as it may sound, I haven't actually even read his book yet, pictured above, but Cletus Winston is one of my favorite characters even as a supporting character in all the other books I have read in the Winston Brothers series or other SmartyPants Romance books.


Of course I was so happy to get a great new venture into the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it was written by one of my favorite authors, so I love our "new" slayer, Nina, and I look forward to reading her next bit of story in Chosen very soon!


This is the author's second book, and I love her take on historical fiction.  In this case, a person I've always been intrigued by, but haven't read much about, Anastasia, even with the added fantasy or magic in the story.

4. and 5.

The two main characters in this, Lena and Campbell were great leading characters and the whole book was just really good.


I loved the original three books for this series, and now we have a new character, Genevieve, and I have to definitely pick her for this topic.



I'll go with Cager in this story, he was a very interesting and funny character.


Violet from the original story in the Pucked series was showing up in several other books and extras by the author this year, so she is one that I adore when she does appear in a story because she is so funny!


He was only a side character in this one, but Roth will always be one of my favorite JLA characters!


Janie is not a new character to me, but I did get to jump back into her life with this audiobook this year, and I enjoy her in the other characters' books in this series.

Have you read any of these books?  Do you know the characters I'm talking about?

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